5 Foods that Give Your Skin Life!

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By Brittney M. Walker Great skin isn’t only about topical creams, elixirs and funky potions. It’s about treating your body well from the inside out. The winter season can be harsh on our skin, no doubt. But there are always ways to protect our built in body armor, keep it soft, bright, and beautiful, while we perform our normal, natural habits like, eating.

Check out our list of great foods to satisfy some of those cravings while treating our bodies well.

1. Cantaloupe – A deceiving melon, with its hard outer shell, wrinkled and rough, a cantaloupe is certainly a beneficial fruit for skin needs. Indulge in a hefty dose of this perfectly rich fruit in the morning, on the go, or take it down as a fun dessert. This melon contains an abundant source of anti-oxidants, ultimately giving your skin a ‘face lift’ with every bite. Anti-oxidants absorb free radicals that tend to sometimes get out of hand and take over your body, producing blemishes and other topical issues. Stop them dead in their tracks and introduce your tongue and those radicals to cantaloupe. Besides that, unlike some other fruits, cantaloupe helps curve your appetite, ultimately helping you make great food choices throughout the day.

2. Tomatoes – Another beauty hero, tomatoes are delicious and resourceful. Also rich source of anti-oxidants, these diverse fruit show you exactly what they do with its smooth, even skin. Who wouldn’t want to have smooth resistant skin like this juicy fruit? Similar to that of our friend, the cantaloupe, tomatoes have skin enhancing properties that give your hide a brand new shine. According to Fit Day, a fabulous plus is that tomatoes are rich sources for Vitamin C and A (essential for skin health), and when eaten with broccoli or green tea, can be beneficial in the fight against cancer.

3. Sweet Potatoes – When it’s time to get cozy this season, why not cozy up to a bowl of hearty veggies. Serving as an alternative to both cantaloupe and tomato, this pleasant, tough skinned root vegetable works to keep those free radicals in order, reducing those pesky pimples and blemishes, until they are no more.

Loaded with vitamin A, sweet potatoes are like those anti-aging creams you paid top dollar for. But do it no more with a simple trip to the grocery story, you can get your miracle food.

Bonus: sweet potatoes are known to help alleviate muscle cramps, relieve stress and build a defense against the negative effects of tension.

4. Spinach – Popeye had it right when he was indirectly teaching children about the benefits of this inconspicuous leafy green. Beaming with vitamins B, C, and E, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids, spinach is a super food and serves several purposes in your pursuit to fabulous health. Vitamin A is also present, contributing to that list of anti-oxidants in your food bank. Spinach and mint can actually make a great homemade facial mask.

Also, try spinach sautéed or substitute your lettuce for spinach in a salad or sandwich. You’ll see results in not only your skin, but also your overall health and energy.

5. Walnuts (Nuts & Seeds) – In an interview with SheKnows.com, holistic nutritionist Julie Mancuso bragged about the beauty benefits of nuts. Almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, pecans, and sunflower seeds, all play a role in keeping that beautiful skin of yours bouncy and vibrant. Walnuts are great for boosting you out of a funky mood, reducing the feeling of stress, and because it’s packed with vitamin B, these funny looking nuts help prevent skin disorders. Just a handful of walnuts can help iron out those wrinkles and fine lines. So eat up and be healthy.

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