About Me

Brittney M WalkerBrittney is an expressive, unguarded journalist from Los Angeles, Calif. She’s worked in entertainment with CBS radio, covering red carpet events, interviewing A-list celebrities and on and on. She was a regular contributor for EURweb.com and continues to write for NV Magazine.

For several years Brittney worked in the heart South Los Angeles as a staff writer at Our Weekly newspaper.

During that glorious time at the paper, she focused on local issues such as fair housing, racial tension, politics and business, as well as women in power and matters of the soul. She was declared the most read staff writer at the paper.

Now that she lives in New York, she’s going through what they’re calling a quarter-life crisis, but figuring things out along the way. Currently she writes and bartends to keep the lights on and a roof over her head, of course enjoying every moment of it.

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