American Police Are Trying to Start Some Sh*t

By Brittney M. Walker

It is absolutely outrageous to witness some of the heinous, inhumane and soulless treatment minority people across the globe are facing. But it’s terribly offensive that it’s coming from people with badges and guns who claim to be protecting the people in our own country.

The truth is, however, this has been happening for ions on this great grand, red, white and blue soil. Police brutality is on the rise again.The most recent acts come from police officers here in California, some news that hasn’t been popularly discussed in mainstream.

First, last week a man who was handcuffed was shot and killed by San Francisco police. The man was restrained.

Check the video clip here.

Notice that the witness says the man is dead, but the paramedics load the gentleman with a breathing mask. Witnesses say a blonde woman, obviously scared and maybe even being initiated. But I can only speculate for now.

This story sounds very familiar to the tragic Oscar Grant case that happened in the Bay.

In Anaheim on July 21st, a brigade of officers fire into a peacefully protesting crowd of men, women and children.

This one was actually covered by a local news station, but the national scene has yet to pick up on it.

A young man was shot by the police prior to the protest. The community, obviously upset, was practicing their American rights to organize. But things got out of hand when gangsters with badges started firing non-lethal ammunition into the crowd and released dogs on women with babies.

Check out the video here.

It looks like a scene from Call of Duty. Guns pointed at the faces of kids and women being dragged by dogs.

America is quickly becoming a warzone. Let’s just think about the events that have unfolded in the past few months, including the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, military posts in Chicago, China purchasing parts of Detroit.

I’m just sayin’.

Activity is escalating and a people will not be oppressed forever. People will rise up and the youth are learning no fear.

Remember London 2011? Uprising is near.


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