Are Black Women Marriage Material?

By Brittney M. Walker

black womanOn Sunday night on the Dr. Nicole Show, the conversation was heated and quite controversial. The discussion focused on why Black women are notoriously single, reflecting a disproportionate number of single mothers and qualified professional 30 and 40 year olds.

From women being called garden tools to controlling the climate of a relationship, it was wild.

But one aspect that didn’t get drawn out too much is that women have lamented that there aren’t enough Black men on their level. I don’t mean that in a demeaning manner, but truthfully, Black women outnumber the amount of Black men in higher education and in corporate America. However those numbers might not even be that significant.

Then there is the prison rates. The latest stats I check showed that 37 percent of the prison population is made up of African American men, reducing the number of available men.

Also, as a caller points out on the show the great Dr. Neely Fuller in “The United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept” that there is a system designed to separate the Black family.

Naturally, a man is the bread winner and acts on those survival instincts. He provides for the family. But if he has no job, he cannot provide for his family. My thought is that if he is unable to do what he is naturally wired to do, he will likely feel useless or dependent on a woman, thus wouldn’t marry. Now this is just an uneducated theory of mine, but perhaps I’ll check into it in the future.

In the meantime, check out the show and leave your comments.

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