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My First On Camera Interview!

by Brittney M. Walker Hey all! I had the privilege of conducting an impromptu on-camera interview at Lingerie Fashion Week 2013 with boudoir photographer, Angelica Roberts. Angelica, is a wonder. She helps women regain their confidence through photography. It’s absolutely beautiful. Check out the interview at

Reality TV and Black Women – Crack of the New Age

By Brittney M. Walker Reality television has taken societal values to a whole new low, particularly for the Black community. With the recent airing of top rated reality show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Reunion,” I had to step back and wonder about the damage this show along with others …

‘Miss Representation’ of Women in Media

By Brittney M. Walker I attended a screening of independent film, “Miss Representation,” a dynamic documentary discussing the rash reality of female images in the media. An award-winning production by director Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the movie interviews women and girls from all walks of life, to discover the truth about …

Being a woman in Ghana

By Brittney M. Walker Strong, Black, beautiful, bold, humble, hard worker, sexy, courageous, willing, centered, and welcoming all describe the women in Ghana. Walking the streets, I’ve seen all kinds of women, mothers and daughters, old and young working their tails off to make a living and at the same …