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My First On Camera Interview!

by Brittney M. Walker Hey all! I had the privilege of conducting an impromptu on-camera interview at Lingerie Fashion Week 2013 with boudoir photographer, Angelica Roberts. Angelica, is a wonder. She helps women regain their confidence through photography. It’s absolutely beautiful. Check out the interview at

Michele Shay Talks About the August Wilson Effect

By Brittney M. Walker During a special launch event for the August Wilson American Century Cycle Celebration, hosted by Lincoln Motor Company at New York’s Jerome L. Greene Space, actress and director Michele Shay publicly explored her intimate and spiritual relationship with August Wilson’s work. During the panel discussion and …

Dennis Rodman Makes a Valid Point

By Brittney M. Walker Now that Dennis Rodman has made real history and has done something so unprecedented, I must give him some props. Without question, he’s an unusual character with his eccentric ways and colorful styles. Maybe it comes as no surprise that he up and went to North …

Go Green on a Botswana Adventure Vacation

By Brittney M. Walker Stumped on where to take your next international adventure? Try Botswana. Yes, this lovely, peaceful country has a history unique to other countries on the African continent and is rumored to be one of the best places to experience African wildlife, especially because Botswana is committed …