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My First On Camera Interview!

by Brittney M. Walker Hey all! I had the privilege of conducting an impromptu on-camera interview at Lingerie Fashion Week 2013 with boudoir photographer, Angelica Roberts. Angelica, is a wonder. She helps women regain their confidence through photography. It’s absolutely beautiful. Check out the interview at

Michele Shay Talks About the August Wilson Effect

By Brittney M. Walker During a special launch event for the August Wilson American Century Cycle Celebration, hosted by Lincoln Motor Company at New York’s Jerome L. Greene Space, actress and director Michele Shay publicly explored her intimate and spiritual relationship with August Wilson’s work. During the panel discussion and …

IamPopula Defines Individuality

By Brittney M. Walker Brooklyn is known for its rich culture, heavy Indie infused Hip Hop, and fine, gourmet music flavors. Here is where anyone in the world could find a diverse mixture of sounds, faces, and styles. Artists call this place home, the hub of creativity, the place where …

Fierce Men That Design Wearable Clothes

By Brittney M. Walker Fashion has a tendency sometimes to be a bit over the top for the average person, like me. But I certainly gained a new perspective during this show, where the designers demonstrated the ability to be fierce and reasonable. Two artists were particularly outstanding Sunday night …