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IamPopula 032

IamPopula Defines Individuality

By Brittney M. Walker Brooklyn is known for its rich culture, heavy Indie infused Hip Hop, and fine, gourmet music flavors. Here is where anyone in the world could find a diverse mixture of sounds, faces, and styles. Artists call this place home, the hub of creativity, the place where …

Couture Fashion Week Feb 2013 055

Fierce Men That Design Wearable Clothes

By Brittney M. Walker Fashion has a tendency sometimes to be a bit over the top for the average person, like me. But I certainly gained a new perspective during this show, where the designers demonstrated the ability to be fierce and reasonable. Two artists were particularly outstanding Sunday night …

Couture Fashion Week Feb 2013 013

Couture Fashion Week – Sunday

By Brittney M. Walker Fashion Week is over, but Couture Fashion Week just wrapped it all up with some of the finest new designers of the year. The designers featured in this slide show include Allex Kangala (menswear), Tyrell Collection (womens), and Lourdes Atencio (gowns). Also look out for my …


SoCal Winter Destination: Long Beach

Wintertime Temp: Mid- 60s and mostly sunny Hotel: Party on the beach! Be a beach bum for a weekend in Long Beach and enjoy a restful stay at Maya Hotel. With warm colors and a ton of amenities, this shoreline boutique hotel puts other local luxury spots to shame in …

Starbucks GOOGLE

New York Shorts: Starbucks on Broadway and 51st

By Brittney M. Walker I ran inside to finish up some wrk. And the store was gonna close in 30 min… Just enough time to wrap up one project. I sat near the window and passed a small congregation of middle aged folks. At first i wasnt paying attention to …