Cleansing – Parasites, Gallstones, and Poop

By Brittney M. Walker

It’s been a week and a few days since I’ve been back from Ghana. Like promised, I started to cleanse 2 days after returning.

I decided to do an experiment this time around. I’ll try not to gross you out with too many details.

Anyway, I typically cleanse at least once a year, sometimes twice.

This time around I’m taking two cleansers within a two-month period.

So I initiated the cleansing process with a 5-day prep of New Body Products CKLS (colon, kidney, liver, spleen) herbal pills. (If you ever have a poopin’ issue, CKLS will do the trick).

On the fifth day I took five pills, then another five in the morning. The rules are that I’m supposed to drink 16 ounces of cold pressed olive oil. I’ve done this cleanse before. The oil part is THE WORST! This time around, I couldn’t muster the strength to down it all. So I only drank a fourth of the bottle. That even made me queasy.

But good news! It worked.

Typically people who take this cleanse see a variety of strange things in the toilet including gallstones, parasites and food that’s probably been sitting on their intestines for some years.

About 6-8 hours after consuming the oil and the herbs, I was on the toilet. Since I eat pretty well and don’t consume meat, I didn’t see anything way wild like worms (as I’ve heard many pork and meat eaters have). But I saw a few small gallstones.

Gallstones are really gross – they’re stored in the gallbladder below the liver and are caused by cholesterol, fried food, and just bad eating. They vary in size from tiny pebble looking things to golf balls.

The first time I cleansed using CKLS, I was on the toilet for a full day and my butt was getting sore from the toilet seat. I know, too many details. But with every bowel movement I saw a whole lot of gallstones – from years of fast food, fried chicken and all that great-terrible stuff we eat.

This time around I had moderate bowel movements and didn’t have to stay close to the toilet as I did expect before. But then again, I only drank a fourth of the recommended 16-ounce bottle.

Hopefully it did what it needed to do.

So after the main day of cleansing, the rules say not to consume alcohol, coffee, dairy, flour, flesh, fried food (my weakness! I had like 3 French fries last night – soo good), salt, or sugar. Smoking isn’t allowed.

I cheated. Yes… I ate some Chinese noodles on my date night with my younger cousin. I also had some salted pistachios this morning. Terrible. But I know something is still working on the inside of me. I keep going to the toilet!

So the next phase of this experiment is to do the Dr. Nathan Rabb master cleanse. This one is a miracle worker for the sick.

Typically people who are chronically ill need to use the cleanser for at least 90-days.

What it does is gets down to the core of the issues and purifies your cells!

People have lost over 100 pounds, cured cancer, diabetes and other common diseases by going through this process.

It’s a challenge nonetheless.

With a regular 6-day routine of consuming herbs and other elixirs, users must consume an 80 percent raw vegan diet. That means 80 percent of the food being eaten must not be cooked and should consist of fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds.

No white anything should be taken. No dairy, no flesh, no coffee, tea, alcohol, sugar, salt, and whatever else is delicious to the tongue and toxic to the body.

At the start, I’m going to be very hungry all the time. Seriously. The last time I did this cleanse I was hungry while I was eating. But after a while, the habits change and the hunger subsides because you figure out how to eat healthy and eat until satisfaction.

So cheers to healthy body, healthy eating, and a return of my vegetarian card!


A warning about the CKLS cleanse – people use this on a regular basis to ensure a regular bowel movement. First of all, if you need help going to the bathroom, you need to change your diet altogether. Second, taking the CKLS herbs on a regular basis is harsh on the whole system and eventually the body becomes dependent on the pills to properly do its normal functions, such as going number two!


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