Energy Candy for the Slashers

We are the generation of slashers – writer/actor/bartender/sign language interpreter. You know the kind. I’m one of those. With all the hats we juggle, sometimes sleep deprivation keeps us from functioning properly, like last week when I worked something like 50 hours and fell asleep sitting up.

While the only real answer to that is to drop everything and go to sleep, sometimes we need a little boost to carry us through until a nap makes itself available or until we can grab a good night’s sleep.

Packages - 3I recently tried this energy supplement called Energems. They’re oversized milk chocolate M&M looking energy candies loaded with tons of B-vitamins and caffeine.

Say what you want about caffeine, the little candies work and according to the product’s package, “Three Energems contain 75 mgs of caffeine, comparable to on cup of strong coffee.”

Because I’m sensitive about energy supplements, I only ate one chocolate candy (as opposed to the recommended three). Within the hour I felt more energized, which lasted through to the end of the day. I fell asleep naturally, but could have stayed up longer than normal to accomplish some societal changing goals. But the bed looked so much more appealing than my laptop.

The product was created for people who aren’t coffee drinkers, those that need a faster boost than the slow reaction of a cup of coffee or tea, or for someone who can’t get with the energy drinks currently on shelves. It’s a nice alternative to the extreme, health depriving cans of nuclear waste… ahem Monster Energy Drinks… I’m personally scared to put to my lips.

Of course every energy supplement comes with its set of warnings and all of that fun stuff. Energems, though they’re cute and easy to pop into your mouth, “limiting caffeine intake is extremely important to prevent nervousness, sleeplessness and possible rapid heartbeat,” the label warns.

Personally, I’m not really into energy supplements. I like to eat natural foods, work out and sleep to keep myself going. But if, in those very rare moments I need a boost, I may grab just one of those cute little gems (which come in three different flavors – mint, chocolate and peanut butter). Retailing at $2.99 a box, Energems are sold at many convenient stores and will provide 3 servings of moderate energy or one serving for a maximum energy rush!

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