Good-bye Ghana, Until Next Time

By Brittney M. Walker

Catching an international flight out of Ghana is a serious task. The ticket counter closes two hours before take-off and getting to that point is a hassle.

After all the shopping and over packing I did, I managed to get both my overweight suitcases through without paying. The lady at the counter was really nice.

Charles says I’m a good communicator and I somehow convinced the lady to let it slide. I told him, “I asked how she was doing and made conversation.”

Going nice can go a long way, I think.

So checking my bags took an hour after maneuvering my clothes and the 20-pound shea butter from one bag to the next.

The time to say good-bye dwindled down. But we managed to squeeze out a quick dinner, more photos and a few more laughs.

Last Ghana Dinner Until Next Time. I didn’t consume the whole chicken. Just nibbled lol

I for my last meal in Ghana, I ate Jolof rice and tasted the chicken. I also drank my new favorite drink, Alvaro pineapple flavor.

At the dinner table, Stephen and Charles proposed a job for me to work with them for a nice amount of money and frequent visits to the U.S. So convincing. If they were serious, I’d probably do it (hint, hint).

With only minutes to go for me to take that trek through customs, immigration and all that business, we said good-bye for now and hugged for a little while. I tried not to be sad, but reality is, we’re nearly worlds apart. It’d be nice to be close to both families and both places. But we’ve got Skype to keep in touch for now.

Me and my bros. (Don’t be mad because I posted this pic!)

One of these days, I may be a frequent visitor of Ghana, after I take a two-year tour of Africa.


As I sat in my window seat, I stared longingly at the lights below me, watching Ghana disappear from my view. I almost shed a tear, feeling torn between new friends and family and my established life in the States. I’ll miss Ghana, a lot. So maybe I’ll have to actually return sooner than I planned.

I’m happy to have had the experiences I did and to have met some wonderful people. I’ve got new brothers and sisters now, new memories, and great stories.

I also left Ghana with a better understanding of where and how my talents and passions will be used. I feel extremely blessed. We’ve got much work to do, but willing people in certain places ready to do it.

Ghana, I’ll be back, but I’ll be coming with something really awesome and really huge 😉 I know you’re ready.


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