Hairfinity – Week 6ish

brittney m walkerI’ve been taking Hairfinity pills for about 6 weeks (and some days) now, give or take a few missed days. So far… nothing, but maybe I’m not the best test subject or I’m looking for some miraculous results.

The company suggests transforming your whole lifestyle. I changed some things like reduced the amount of restaurant food I normally consume. Working out has become a habit… that one was much needed! And I haven’t consumed but one alcoholic beverage since starting. Instead, I drink a lot more water and fresh veggie juices and consume more greens. With all of these changes, my hair and I expected some visible results. But they (those out there in the world) it takes two months to see real results with most things.

But we’re basically on week 7 and my hair appears to be pretty much the same as it was, I’m sorry to say L. Maybe I did something wrong or the days I missed caused detrimental damage to the progress. My hair feels the same – I use raw shea butter to moisturize, SheaMoisture shampoo and conditioner and wear my hair naturally – which often times means an Afro.

Others say they saw progress after two months of using the product. And Hairfinity guarantees your money back if you’re not happy with the product. So I’m anxious to see any changes come the last two pills.

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