Hairfinity Week One

Blown out, my hair is about 11 inches at the longest point and 9.5 inches at the shortest (middle).

Blown out, my hair is about 11 inches at the longest point and 9.5 inches at the shortest (middle).

My hair has an interesting history.

When I was a kid, for 10 years I was the only child and my mom would religiously get my hair press and curled by this old (she seemed ancient to me at 7-years-old) in Pasadena, Calif. She was so good, probably the best that’s ever done my hair. She was old school and would put globs of hair grease or shellac or something on the backside of her hand, occasionally slapping some on my hair while she ran a hot comb through.

But I was a tomboy (still am – just a bigger version with bills) and my hair hardly lasted a week. I would sweat it out, mess it up, and ignore it.

This kind of thing lasted through junior high and high school, where I played basketball, swam on the swim team and threw shot put and discus. My mom put a perm in my hair, frustrated that a press would only last a couple of days. My hair grew and it was kinda long for a Black girl at the time.

After two years of that madness, mom came to her senses and let the perm grow out and went back to pressing only. But she wanted so bad for me to look like a girl and the press wouldn’t last.

By the time I was in high school, she nearly gave up and put my hair in braids, started to only press my hair once a month or less.

I hated my hair pressed. It looked dumb to me because I didn’t know how to do it, it was damaged, uneven, and made me feel like a wannabe girl. My hair was rarely cute. Lol.

Eventually mom gave up altogether and sent me off to college where I let the mane loose and let that natural free to touch to the sun.

Now it’s like every two, three or so years I get my hair straightened just to get the ends trimmed. I tell my stylist to make it last (for nearly $100) but it never does.

I got my hair done before I came back to New York and the press only lasted 2 days before the natural rebelled.

Besides, my boyfriend thought I looked weird with straight hair. I think my head looks big.

I’m pretty uncomfortable with straight hair. I feel like I’m disappointing the race or something, submitting to a quiet fear of societal rejection. I feel… naked.

Anyway, all that to say, hair, until recently hasn’t been a big deal. It was in college when I began to understand that my natural hair was a huge part of my personal symbolic freedom from systematic oppression. I don’t like to spend a bunch of time worrying about my hair or being concerned about the way others respond to my hair that is both aesthetically and racially prejudiciously.

As a result, I haven’t really spent a bunch of time looking for products to improve its condition, which is a mistake! I need my hair and I want to keep it!

Recently I conducted an interview with Keshia Knight Pulliam, ‘Rudy’ from “The Cosby Show” because she’s a spokesperson for Hairfinity, a dietary supplement guaranteed to help improve hair growth, health, and strength.

Check out my interview with Keshia Knight Pulliam here.

So after the interview, I got curious and asked the PR lady if I could check out the product. She sent me this cute package with a two-month supply of Hairfinity. I was hesitant, believe me! I’m the Black Power Girl here! But I put aside my fear of falling into stereotypes and decided to find out if I could help heal my broken ends and weak strands with the help of this product.hairfinity

On April 1, I started the trial and the expected results are healthier, shinier, thicker, stronger and possibly longer hair.

Part of the deal is that I have to eat healthy too, which shouldn’t be much of an issue because I’m an alleged vegetarian (except on major holidays and occasional #FatNastyFridays). But what I do like about the campaign is that the company encourages a full lifestyle change in order to gain the desired results. Healthy hair is about a healthy lifestyle. The greatest thing about Hairfinity is that it’s essentially a multi-vitamin for your hair and nails. It’s not a product I personally would be afraid to ingest – because my body is a temple ;-).

I’ll keep you updated with any results over the next two months. I know some of you out there would like to try it.

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