In Response to the Comments About Not Being Christian

By Brittney M. Walker

I’ll keep this brief. First, thank you all for reading and taking the time to respond to the post. One thing I truly desire through the art of storytelling is to invoke thought within people. I want to inspire conversation, consideration, questioning, and growth. I think if a piece can provide enough fuel to empower someone to respond, it has done its job.

I also appreciate the support people have provided in the way they know how: thanks; “I’m praying for you,” and “I hope you find truth for yourself.” It’s nice to know there are people who might care a little bit about someone.

Reading the 50 plus comments on this post was interesting. I read every single one, responded to none. I found that either my message was crystal clear to people who were journeying along a similar path or were simply open to considering my path. For some, my message wasn’t clear or some didn’t read it thoroughly.

I do believe in God. I don’t practice religion. Yes my perspective on Christianity is colored by my experience, a lot of it being with my family. But a lot of it also looking at history, my experiences outside of my family, visiting and socializing with other Christians from around the world, and dealing with the storms within me. Christianity doesn’t work for me. I don’t condemn Christianity. I am sorry to those of you who were offended (a lot apparently). Whatever works for you is great!

Finally, this thing ‘truth’ I think should be addressed, probably more thoroughly than it is about to be now. I’ll save a thorough post for next month. One must question at some point in her life what truth is for herself. Deciding what is true as far as faith, the unknown and the unseen is actually grayer than it is black and white, if we’re honest. In reference to defining the truth, someone wrote 1+1=2. Ok. Sure. But math is a system humans decided to use in order to generate a language or understanding about concepts so we can be productive. At some point within a race, the members have to come up with common ideas in order to operate, communicate, and evolve.

Religion, God, faith, and spirituality are all elements of our humanity that are quite disagreeable and have proven to be extremely difficult to unify a whole race. Who is to say that one person’s Christianity or 2 billion people’s Christianity, for the person who used that number, are correct or even agree to the same ideas? The fact (lol) is, most of these people don’t agree about the truth. But they follow what they know in their hearts or what works for them.

A person’s spiritual walk is so personal and so intimate that I find it interesting people want me to convert to some practice they think is the truth or is real or is right or righteous. Some wrote “I hope you seek God and ask him to show you the truth.” But if you read what I wrote, I did do that. And I found the truth for myself. It just doesn’t look like your truth.

Someone wanted to call me to ask why or how I lost my faith. I didn’t lose it. It changed. It doesn’t look familiar to him or a lot of other people who have decided to evolve within Christianity. I decided to evolve outside of it.

Anyway, I am not sure if this clarifies any questions people have on this article. But I do hope there is some bit more understanding. Religion can be such a toxic topic and brings out the worst, most disgusting parts of people sometimes. Peace folks.

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