Post Trayvon Martin Killer Verdict

By Brittney M. Walker

trayvon martinPolice aren’t just getting away with it, it’s regular American’s with guns.

One thing that terrifies me the most about this acquittal is that it’s no longer white cops getting off killing Black men; it’s regular citizens. It’s not enough the Black community has to exist among a militant group of alleged law keeping authority figures. But just some decades back, those who fear the community are not being held accountable for their heinous actions.

Also, the outrage and overall fear is that there are laws that protect aggressors like Trayvon’s killer. It was brought out to me that the Stand Your Ground law was established through the avocation of gun groups in Florida. The premise being that someone should have the right to defend himself if he feels his life is in danger.

That statute is such a broad-brush stroke, setting the stage for any shooter to only make an convincing enough argument that implies they acted out of self-defense. If that is the case, in terms of Trayvon, it would appear he should have been the one protected based on this law, being that a man approached him in the middle of the night without provocation and with clear instruction not to pursue his curiosity.

However, the Florida law seems to only protect those they favor, and being that gun advocates, who are primarily white Republicans, generated the law it makes sense the shooter is not being criminally held responsible.

On top of all the madness, Florida mother and abuse victim, Marissa Alexander plead self-defense under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, after being charged with attempted murder after firing warning shots into the ceiling to keep her ex-husband from attacking her. But was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison. She didn’t harm anyone. In fact, her ex has a history of abuse. She filed a protective order against him after he assaulted her, including an incident that resulted in her hospitalization.

I am not an advocate for more gun control. I am an advocate for fairness and these cases are unbalanced with a twisted form of justice.

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