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New York Roommate Hard Lesson Learned

Some posts ago, I mentioned moving into a great new spot – a room (haven’t made it yet folks) – in Brooklyn. It was great. Big, street side with a pretty decent view of the neighborhood. The woman who owned it loved on the building as much as she could …

IamPopula 032

IamPopula Defines Individuality

By Brittney M. Walker Brooklyn is known for its rich culture, heavy Indie infused Hip Hop, and fine, gourmet music flavors. Here is where anyone in the world could find a diverse mixture of sounds, faces, and styles. Artists call this place home, the hub of creativity, the place where …


Bed Stuy Eats: Peaches Restaurant

By Brittney M. Walker Food is love. If you didn’t know me, you’d probably assume I’m an overweight foodie as much as I talk about food. Thank the Lord I’m conscious about my figure because food and me could get married. Moving on, one of the first spots I was …

Common Grounds

Common Grounds

By Brittney M. Walker Today is Dec. 11th. Just in case the world ends soon, I want to be sure I get this message out to the public before we all die. So, I’ve been in New York for almost two weeks and it’s certainly been a pleasure living in …