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New York Roommate Hard Lesson Learned

Some posts ago, I mentioned moving into a great new spot – a room (haven’t made it yet folks) – in Brooklyn. It was great. Big, street side with a pretty decent view of the neighborhood. The woman who owned it loved on the building as much as she could …

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Hairfinity – Week 6ish

I’ve been taking Hairfinity pills for about 6 weeks (and some days) now, give or take a few missed days. So far… nothing, but maybe I’m not the best test subject or I’m looking for some miraculous results. The company suggests transforming your whole lifestyle. I changed some things like …

Blown out, my hair is about 11 inches at the longest point and 9.5 inches at the shortest (middle).

Hairfinity Week One

My hair has an interesting history. When I was a kid, for 10 years I was the only child and my mom would religiously get my hair press and curled by this old (she seemed ancient to me at 7-years-old) in Pasadena, Calif. She was so good, probably the best …

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Energy Candy for the Slashers

We are the generation of slashers – writer/actor/bartender/sign language interpreter. You know the kind. I’m one of those. With all the hats we juggle, sometimes sleep deprivation keeps us from functioning properly, like last week when I worked something like 50 hours and fell asleep sitting up. While the only …

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5 Foods that Give Your Skin Life!

          By Brittney M. Walker Great skin isn’t only about topical creams, elixirs and funky potions. It’s about treating your body well from the inside out. The winter season can be harsh on our skin, no doubt. But there are always ways to protect our built …

The Bush Doctor

Bed Stuy Eats: The Bush Doctor

By Brittney M. Walker Just around the corner from my favorite coffee shop is my new favorite juice bar, The Bush Doctor. Established by a New York native, this little spot is a great way to refresh, get well and get fed. Over 50 types of juices and unique healthy …