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Single Until Proven Committed

Recently I had an epiphany about my perspective of being a single (uncommitted) woman. Currently, I’m in a relationship (I brag) with someone I personally feel is something of a celebrity. He doesn’t say so of course, but anytime we’re out, he knows someone and randomly in different states and …


This Quarter-Life Crisis Sh*t

A couple of years ago I turned 25, broke up with my then boyfriend, quit my boring good-ass paying job and moved to New York with a few thousand in savings and no plan. Thus began my quarter-life crisis. After graduation, when you walk across the stage, proud of this …

black woman

Are Black Women Marriage Material?

By Brittney M. Walker On Sunday night on the Dr. Nicole Show, the conversation was heated and quite controversial. The discussion focused on why Black women are notoriously single, reflecting a disproportionate number of single mothers and qualified professional 30 and 40 year olds. From women being called garden tools …

Occupy Sandy Xmas Eve 2012 30

Occupy Sandy Offers Gifts During the Holidays

By Brittney M. Walker On Christmas Eve, victims of Sandy gathered at an empty lot-turned holiday haven in the Far Rockaways, to supply their children and family members with a few gifts and to fill their bellies. Occupy Sandy volunteers from the Upper Westside of Manhattan, New Jersey and everywhere …