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Relisha Rudd

Relisha Rudd – Face of Poverty and Prejudice

I wrote this article in response to an op-ed piece on  Relisha Rudd has become the poster child of a flawed system recently. Her face and story were plastered on last week and the public began examining the “safety net” that failed to protect her. Shamika Young, a …

Black comm

Where Do We Go From Here? Post Trayvon Martin

By Brittney M. Walker A probable solution… not changing laws, but communities Two weeks after George Zimmerman’s verdict, what does America do now? More importantly, what does Black America do now? Much of the conversation post verdict had much to do with why the result was a travesty and also …

trayvon martin

Post Trayvon Martin Killer Verdict

By Brittney M. Walker Police aren’t just getting away with it, it’s regular American’s with guns. One thing that terrifies me the most about this acquittal is that it’s no longer white cops getting off killing Black men; it’s regular citizens. It’s not enough the Black community has to exist …

dennis Rodman in North Korea

Dennis Rodman Makes a Valid Point

By Brittney M. Walker Now that Dennis Rodman has made real history and has done something so unprecedented, I must give him some props. Without question, he’s an unusual character with his eccentric ways and colorful styles. Maybe it comes as no surprise that he up and went to North …


Gun Control or Civil Unrest Control?

By Brittney M. Walker I’ve been avoiding this topic publicly for a minute because I’ve got theories about folk who advocate for guns. But whatever, if the FBI and CIA decide to list me as a threat, it’s all-good. Maybe I’ll generate a new way of becoming popular. Anyway – …