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A Summer Tale: Part 2

A moment of clarity We had been goin’ all day. No breaks except to pee or drink some water. The sun’s position had changed from high in the sky to barely can see anymore. Who knows how many hours it had been. I just know when it is time for …

A Summerish Tale: Exploring Polyamory

Love, lust and luck By Brittney M Walker (The photo has nothing to do with this time in my life…. I think though it depicts how I was feeling during this time … hehehe) Newly freed of relationship obligations and shed of any judgment, I am excited to try new …

My First Edibles (Cannabis) High

I started smoking weed recently. Now that I basically like it, I want to check out different iterations of the good ol’ herb, including edibles. One day I meet a chef. We become friends. We joke about hosting a cannabis infusion dinner party a few times. Well, really the dinners …

Sex Ed with Live Demos and Porn Stars

By Brittney M. Walker One of the first headlines I see this morning is about a sex ed class with live demonstrations with porn actors. I don’t know what to think of it, but I certainly laughed uncomfortably with disbelief. Then a friend immediately proclaimed, “The porn industry is suffering!”