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A Summerish Tale: Exploring Polyamory

Love, lust and luck By Brittney M Walker (The photo has nothing to do with this time in my life…. I think though it depicts how I was feeling during this time … hehehe) Newly freed of relationship obligations and shed of any judgment, I am excited to try new …

My First Edibles (Cannabis) High

I started smoking weed recently. Now that I basically like it, I want to check out different iterations of the good ol’ herb, including edibles. One day I meet a chef. We become friends. We joke about hosting a cannabis infusion dinner party a few times. Well, really the dinners …

Sex Ed with Live Demos and Porn Stars

By Brittney M. Walker One of the first headlines I see this morning is about a sex ed class with live demonstrations with porn actors. I don’t know what to think of it, but I certainly laughed uncomfortably with disbelief. Then a friend immediately proclaimed, “The porn industry is suffering!”