The Bar, Where ‘Pretty’ Thrives

amarachi2by Brittney M. Walker

About the bar: The place is owned by a Nigerian man who loves Black people. He’s a smart man with a lot of vision and has been an entrepreneur for years. It’s located in Bed Stuy near Clinton Hills in a community that used to be primarily Black. With all the gentrification going on, the neighborhood has changed in some ways for the better and in other ways, not so much.

It’s a large facility that serves multiple purposes: sports bar, lounge, club, meeting place, private party place, birthday party celebration hall, baby shower hall, kids parties hall and concert arena. I thought it was unusual when I started working here, but I realized that it’s common in New York possibly due to the space and accessibility to certain things like backyards, parks, and other “normal” event spaces.

amarachi1Anyway, the place tends to attract a certain cultural group. The crowds are mostly colorful in personality, types of music, and sometimes encompass those negative stereotypes of Black folk. Quite animated and sometimes a bit fussy, others are clam, quiet and observant, income and economic backgrounds range from po’ broke and on welfare to ballin’ out of control, droppin’ hundred dollar bills without blinking twice. Some like to drop it like it’s hot, others like the two-step. It’s a spectacle of people at times. But it’s definitely all love. Hanging out at the bar/lounge/event space can feel like being with family. It can also feel like a meat market with all the grabby, hungry hands and thirsty eyes lusting after the bartenders.

Stay tuned for all of the interesting bar adventure of ‘Pretty.’

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