Thick Chick’s Swimwear Labeled ‘Fatkini’

by Brittney M. Walker

Summer is fast approaching and bathing suit shopping is already in demand.

z_2624_SIDEBut not all of us consider ourselves sexy enough for a bathing suit at all and will likely avoid the summer swimwear section at our favorite clothing stores.

Whether the tummy isn’t as flat as a board or the back fat is hanging too loosely with the right tension, the resilient images clogging the media have us all confused and insecure, so much so that I know a few who dread summer altogether. Mo’Nique used to make fun of ‘skinny b*tches.’ Cracking on how they’ve got no curves, or they eat very little or make thick chicks look like the Michelin man. (By the way, the comedienne has dropped more than 80 pounds. Still wears her ‘big girl’ badge proudly, but in a healthier place).

As funny as it seems in the moment, I’ve concluded there’s an underlying pain, hidden in the nooks and crannies of the rubbing thighs and extra folds of skin that poke and tease at the sumptuous loving.

We women have it tough! I give it to the brothas out there because they’ve got to deal with a lot. I support you. But the struggle about image and femininity is real!

Yahoo! published a story about these new, fabulous bikini’s made for women with a little (or a lot of) extra lovin’. The headline reads: “Fatkini Sells Out!”

The bathing suit is amazingly flattering and perfect for a thick chick’s body. It’s sexy and appealing, holds everything in place and still allows a woman to feel feminine and hott.

But the term, ‘fatkini,’ what’s up with that?

Blogger and retailer of the featured suit, Gabi Gregg says the “body positive” community largely accepts the term.

“I didn’t come up with the term ‘fatkini’ it’s been a buzzword in the body-positive community for a while,” Gregg told Yahoo! Shine. “There’s definitely a momentum building for body acceptance and lots of online support for women of all body types these days.”

Fatkini? Really? I’m not a skinny chick and I have been a big girl before, dealing with my own weight management struggles. I don’t want to be called fat or the types of clothing that best fit my shape to be paired with a term that oozes negativity and triggers self/body conscious insecurities. I can’t get with it.

The “I’m fat and I’m proud” movement is an interesting collaboration of big girls united and hurt feelings that’s kind of reminiscent of this n-word positive, years-long trend. There’s no justifying it.

Fat, a term associated with health issues, awkwardness, teasing, gawking and everything in between, I couldn’t wear as a badge of honor. And even for the ladies who do, not everyone wants the association.

So um, big ups on the haut designs (I think I’m going to shop for one myself at Thumbs down for the lingo.

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