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Black athletes bought, sold, and traded

Brittney M. Walker  |   OW Staff Writer

America’s most wanted slaves

Dare we not forget the solemnly shameful, yet strangely glorious past of American history, when Africans were stolen from their homes, stripped of their languages, religions, cultures, and families; when countless ancestors perished over the Atlantic in the bowels of grand ships, locked in chains and human waste; when Black people were bought, sold and traded.


Brittney M. Walker  |   OW Staff Writer

Genetically (and biologically) modified man

You can live forever. Well, maybe not today, but in just a few short years you could possibly dodge death, never age a day more, retain that youthful, heavenly skin, and watch your children’s children’s children grow up into their prime. Yes, perhaps in this lifetime, you could live forever.

Essence Music Festival Wrap Up: Day 3


It just keeps getting better and better!

The 2012 Essence Music Festival down in New Orleans (you gotta say it with a lazy tongue and make it one word), where the po’ boys are hot and the gumbo is fresh, has really been a blast. There’s so much activity and still another day to come.

Michael Wright, Rolls Royce & the cops

By Brittney M. Walker

Best known for his role as a temperamental singer named “Eddie King” in The Five Heartbeats, actor Michael Wright just got himself into some KING-sized trouble. While trying to park his classic, all-black, 1978 Rolls Royce in Manhattan, Wright accidentally bumped into a police car … with two cops in it!

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Fighting AIDS naturally

Brittney M. Walker  |   OW Staff Writer

Holistic treatment

World AIDS Day is Dec. 1, and on that Wednesday, organizations, HIV/AIDS research supporters, and activists will rally in the name of safe sex and virus awareness. HIV/AIDS is epidemic among Blacks globally and has taken on a monstrous face that is killing us at an alarming rate.

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Lupe Fiasco Breaks Down, Sobbing at the Reality of Chicago


Lupe Fiasco is such a breath of fresh air.

The brotha broke down during an interview with Sway on MTV’s “RapFix Live” when they journeyed back in time to the streets of Chicago where the rapper grew up.

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palm springs By Brittney M. Walker

Destination: Palm Springs

Winter Temps: 70s and sunny all day every day (lovely!)

Hotel: Palm Springs Rendezvous is THE place for modern day retro-divas. It’s one of those spots that reminds you of a 50s movie with its architecture, pin up girl room frills and the classic cruiser bikes available for any guest to use. Besides that, the service is pretty great and food is gourmet. This spot won Travelers’ Choice 2012. Rooms start at $149 pr/night.

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